Introducing Elijah Alan Johnson!

by Andrea Cooley

newborn photography | carrie krupkeI can’t believe it’s been almost 3 weeks since handsome little Elijah Alan Johnson arrived on July 29, safe and sound, weighing in at a healthy 9 pounds, 6 ounces!

What an incredible blessing and answer to prayer this little boy is! After a rough first half of the pregnancy, with many of the same symptoms as her pregnancy with Lydia, the second half was much easier. Or as easy as carrying a 9+ pound baby can be! Laura was scheduled to have a c-section on her due date, but Eli had other plans. Her contractions started the night before her due date and she had a successful VBAC!

That was our prayer all along. As he grew and grew through the pregnancy several of her doctors warned her that he would be too big for a VBAC but the Lord knew the best way for this little boy to enter the world. And he knew that the recovery would be much easier!

Cody is back to school and Laura has survived her first day home with 2 kids. She makes it look easy–I’m taking notes!

newborn family photo by carrie krupkeCarrie Krupke took some amazing photos of Laura, Cody, Lydia, and baby Eli. It makes me super excited for her to take ours! And you only get to see a corner of the nursery here, but isn’t it amazing!?

You can see more pictures from Carrie here. And if you’re in the Des Moines area, Laura and I both highly recommend Carrie for family photos!

And if I can ask you to pray for baby Cooley’s arrival this week, that would be amazing. He’s due August 20, but we are ready any time he decides to make an appearance. Nana and Granddad are on standby, waiting to come stay with Emerson and our bags are packed. What are the chances of having another baby born right on his due date? We’ll see!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. aboundingabundance August 18, 2014 at 9:11 am

    Elijah Alan is a beautiful name. Congratulations on a gorgeous family Laura!
    PS – I really love your chair and the paint approach you took!

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