iphone cover scrapbook paper inserts

iPhone cover paper inserts

by Andrea Cooley

pretty iphone cover scrapbook paper inserts

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of lots of big projects, you need to do a small project, just to feel like you’ve accomplished something!

This weekend we worked on painting the nursery, but it’s not done yet. I also ordered fabric for curtains and some other small sewing projects. I’ve started putting steps of projects on my to-do list, so I at least have something to check off! Does anyone else do this? Here’s what our guest room looks like right now. I intentionally made the image small so you don’t look at it too closely! It’s starting to make me a little crazy! It has everything for the baby room in it while we paint. I told Adam that our deadline for painting and putting up trim in the nursery is Aug 31. He tells me that’s doable. My nesting instincts are kicking in, but there’s only so much I can do on my own! Of course he’s more than willing to help, I just have to remember to ask him. Unfortunately, even after 7 years of marriage, he still can’t read my mind!

I’m also trying really hard to take things a little slower now that I’m in my 3rd trimester. If you know me even a little bit, you know this doesn’t come naturally for this Type-A girl!

So, on this rainy Sunday night, I needed a little creative intervention. I had a new case for my iPhone that I’ve been wanting to gussy up, so I got out my pretty paper and spent half an hour on a quick project.

There are so many cute cases out there for iPhones, but I can’t bring myself to spend more than $10 on a case for a phone that’s already so expensive! $45 for a phone case? Not for this girl! I’d rather buy a pair of shoes or a purse. But maybe that’s just me…

I’d seen clear cases that you could slide paper into and make your own customized, changable design. Then I found a quick how-to from How to Nest for Less on Pinterest.

I ordered the Griffin Reveal for iPhone 4 from Amazon for $4.99. Does anyone else always try to have a $25 order from Amazon so they don’t have to pay shipping? They get me every time! I end up ordering an extra book, just to get free shipping! This is a great add-on to get you to $25.

pretty iphone cover scrapbook paper insertsAll I did was trace the case and cut it out, trimming it a little to make it fit. Then I used an exacto knife to cut a hole for the camera lens and flash and I was done. I even made a few extras!

What big or small projects did you finish this weekend? Hopefully I’ll have nursery pictures to post in a few weeks!

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