It takes a village to build a castle….

by laura.johnson

One (maybe the only) down side to living on the 5th floor of a secure building is that we don’t get trick-or-treaters. But lucky for us, our home-owning friends have an abundance, 400+ to be exact. The last few years we purchased candy and trekked across town to enjoy the crisp evening outdoors checking out the costumes and chatting with the neighbors.

However, this year we wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest of the houses on the block, and send a different message on this traditionally spooky holiday.  So naturally we built a castle.

This plan was a few weeks in the making. I begged my favorite warehouse guy to save me a few BIG boxes (he saved me enough cardboard for a small village), commissioned a good friend to paint us a dragon, purchased the paint and hunted for building supplies around our house. Then Saturday we planned, painted, cut out the desired shapes for our fortress and by Sunday morning Cody was staking all of the walls and towers in place.

As for the actual even, it was a blast.  Cody and I dressed as knights and guarded the castle walls, our friend Teagan was the beautiful Queen passing out candy, and her husband Beau juggled and entertained the kids and adults with his silly antics. 400 pieces of candy only lasted a little over an hour (with only minimal snitching on my part).

Fun was had by all and surprisingly it was the adults who were the most encouraged by massive cardboard structure, and by our message of hope and faith in this spooky time of year.

As for next year, there is talk of a flying Superman!

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  1. I am TOTALLY impressed! So next year it will be a castle theme with Superman?

  2. The dragon just looks so dargone friendly to be attacking it!

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