It’s a Date!

by Andrea Cooley

Life has been crazy in the Cooley house the last couple weeks. Between two out-of-town weddings and busy work schedules, by last Friday it felt like Adam and I hadn’t spent any quality time together in weeks. Do you ever feel like the only time you see your spouse is before your head hits the pillow? That’s how I was feeling.

To remedy our go-go-go weeks, I told Adam that I wanted to go on a date sometime over the weekend. When I called him on my way home from work Friday, he said I would find a clue to what our date would be in the kitchen.

Of course I rushed in the back door and scanned the counters, looking for some hint as to his plans. I didn’t see anything. He told me to look harder. So I did, and found the note card posted on the refrigerator, inviting me to pick berries and make a pie!

Saturday morning, we rolled out of bed and headed to the Berry Patch Farm in Nevada, Iowa.

It was a great drive through corn fields on two-lane country roads, so of course, we drove with the windows rolled down, listening to country music. We’ve been there in the fall to pick apples, and had heard they had berries in the summer.

We left with two pounds each of raspberries and blueberries. Yum!

I froze the blueberries (I love putting them on cereal and in yogurt). Maybe I’ll save enough for a pie. To fulfill the second half of the date, we made a raspberry buckle (via Martha Stewart).

This picture doesn’t do the buckle justice! Obviously I’m not a food photographer for a reason!

A little history on the note card. It was actually part of a group of date cards that I gave Adam for Christmas. I hate to admit that the pile has sat unused all year, until this weekend. Hopefully that will change!

Do you have consistent date nights?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. This was so much fun to do with you sweetie!



  2. We do cribbage at coffeehouses around DSM. We also took a trip to the Amana Colonies for our anniversary that I bet you guys would love!

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