It’s not you, it’s me

by laura.johnson

Remember when I planted those tulip bulbs for a little taste of spring up here on the 5th floor? These are not those bulbs. These are flowers Cody bought me at the grocery store. I really need to send him for coffee and milk more often! Those delightful bulbs ended up like this:

Dead, and after such a good start, bummer.  Of course, I launch into the old relationship fall back of ‘what did I do wrong’, too much water, too little sun?

As I was staring at the dead plants, wondering where we went wrong, I felt like the glass planter whispered to me, ‘really, it’s not you, it’s me’.  All of the sudden, my ill-fated garden attempts made sense. This is not the first plant to die an early death in this planter, actually most of them end up this way.  A few days/weeks of growth but usually they putter out for an early death. Even with layers gravel at the bottom, and careful watering all this planter seems to able to grow are, weeds, mold (ugh), and disappointment.

So I am calling it off, for real this time, no more glass planters, even though they could look oh-so-cool, I’m sticking with well drained terracotta pots. Look at my rosemary; it’s doing great!

The longest branches have almost reached the top of the coat hanger trellis I made.  Stretch little guys stretch!

Wouldn’t be great to see the root structure underneath?  Maybe I can find glass vase big enough….

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  1. You are right, they don’t work.

  2. Laura! Don’t do it! ! !

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