It’s the little changes

by laura.johnson

It always amazes me how it’s the little changes in life that seem to make a big difference.

Armed with my recent $1 vintage wall paper {thrift store find} and 15 min while I was chatting with my sister on the phone, I finally papered our cupboard shelves after almost 2 years of living here.  I know take a moment be in awe or disgusted.  Ok now that we’ve recovered (pun intended) here’s my excuse: it’s never seemed that important to me.  We moved into this place after a few months of marriage our life at the time was ciaos, happy newlywedded ciaos, but all the same.  I didn’t have a second thought about stacking Cody’s bachelor dishes in our small unlined cupboards and once we got our fancy adult dishes, in they went in without a second thought.

But now what a change!  The fresh yellow paper sings as I put away drying dishes, and beckons me to come back for just one more peak before leaving the kitchen.  So worth it!

Of course knowing that the perfect $1 paper is a little hard to come by here are a few sites that will make throwing open those cupboard doors a breath of fresh air.

Chic Shelf Paper–  Just like the name says paper so beautiful, it will make you fall in love with your cupboards all over again.  They have kitchen, children, industrial themes to choose from so even though you may love this ‘lollie pop’ dream there is ‘chain link’ and diamond grate’ for those in your life that might prefer a touch of testosterone.

Container Store– How can one store have some many great solutions?  Container Store have beautiful papers online and in there stores.  These above are some of my favorites with the fresh designs and fresh sent, the sock drawer is no longer so daunting.

Or there is always my favorite route DIY.  For areas that won’t get heavy use but still need some protecting lining your shelves with beautiful scrapbook, wrapping, or even wall papers is a great way to go.  Here are a few objectives to keep in mind though.

  • Use acid free papers, keep your shelves and your goods in top condition.
  • Thin weight papers can be made stronger and even water proof by applying clear contact paper on top.
  • If you are fixing the paper to your shelves and drawers use acid free removable adhesives, you’ll thank me when is come time to replace them.
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  1. You’ve inspired me to finish lining the drawers in the baby’s room today (perfect rainy day activity) and MAYBE even the kitchen. Wish me luck in picking out paper! So many pretty options!

  2. Rachel Murray June 14, 2011 at 9:59 am

    I love your blog Laura! (I’m Cody’s friend Jamie’s wife). You have such great ideas, I love the shelf paper you put in your kitchen! Beautiful!

    • Rachel,
      I’m so happy you enjoy our ideas! You and Jamie have such a special place in our hearts! Not only because you are good friends but also because Cody took me as his date to your wedding, even though that was only our second date! Ahh memories.

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