Just a Dash of Color

by laura.johnson

My color cravings kick into over drive this time of year. With the promise of bright spring time blooms just around the corner I get urge add a few pops of color around our little abode.  Here are are few dandies that have been catching my eye:

1. Mix and Match Lamp bases and shades from Target give you the perfect mashup between bold prints and active color.

2. This time a year I need every reminder I can get to savor each day, instead of long for those long summer  evenings to come.  This beautiful print from The Wheat Field is the perfect reminder to find joy in the present.  8×10 prints can be purchased on Etsy.

3. Fresh pot of Sweet Basil, something I always try to keep on hand but usually needs a refresh by the time spring rolls around.  The touch of green and sweet aroma does wonders for my spirits and I like to pretend it gives the other plants on our window sill a little competition.

4. Target & 5. Pier One Just a little Pedel Power to add to your home while we wait on mother nature’s beauties.

6. Marimekko Umbrella from Crate and Barrel is bound to brighten any rainy day.


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  1. Mmmmm basil! I *love* the smell of fresh basil!

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