Kitchen storage ideas

Kitchen Refresh

by laura.johnson

Kitchen storage ideas

After a year and a half of living in our sweet little abode I was convinced our kitchen was in serious need of attention.  For me the kitchen has always been a place of pure function, cook, eat, clean, repeat.  So that is what this space has become pure function.  Peg boards to pots and pans, clay pots for utensils and a jumbo dish rack to hold all of our often neglected dishes.  Not bad really but not a place I really want to hang out.

Kitchen storage ideas, pegboard

The other issue I’ve been having is that with as little surface space as we have I’ve been stashing our seldom use items up up and away.  Wine bottles on top of the fridge, sure, whole wheat flour above arms reach, why not?

The worst is the unopened box from 3 moves ago.  To my credit it’s not exactly like you use a cake stand on a daily basis.

See what I mean, our kitchen is in desperate need for attention.  Actually I got this idea from Anthropologie. (surprise surprise). On a recent visit I snapped this photo and thought ‘I can do that!’  Yes as a matter of fact this gem in the restroom…what can I say I was inspired.

My first idea was to have Cody build me boxes out of reclaimed wood, awesome right?  But I decided that since we don’t have a wood shop or the extra time I would go with a prefab option.  Which lead me up to near by flea market antique store but at $27 a crate I waltzed out and kept thinking.

Cue, my Big Blue Swedish friend and solver of all, IKEA. These Prant storage boxes range in price from $6.99-12.99, not awesome but obtainable.

After some almost effortless construction I was able to play arrange these boxes on top of the fridge and cupboards adding a little bit more defined decorative storage.

kitchen storage ideas

kitchen storage ideas

As for side A of the kitchen?  With our newly de-cluttered cabinets we were able to fit all of our pots and pans in down below.  Also I finally took the time to paint the bare wood shelf white and convince Cody to hang it 8″ higher leaving room for a new hanging spice rack and other goodies to come.

kitchen storage ideas, shelves

Next up:

They are not your Grandma’s doilies, that’s for sure!

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  1. Job well done you two! I need to come see it in person:)

  2. I like the cheery colors in your top photo. but Where did you find such a nice little white metal shelf?
    I’m reorganizing my kitchen space now, and it’s hard to find different, well-styled divider stands.

    & did you Know they have Hanging dishracks? Hanging!

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