Laguna Green curtains

Laguna Green

by Andrea Cooley

Valspar Laguna GreenHere’s a sneak peek of the curtain fabric for the nursery and the paint color we’re using for the border. (The majority of the nursery is grey with white trim)

There’s a version of this fabric in grey, that I almost bought, but I’m so glad I took a risk and got the turquoise. We don’t have a lot of bright colors in the house, but I figure a baby room is a good place to do something different!

It’s definitely the boldest color I’ve ever used in a room, but we really like it! I’m so glad I waited for the fabric to come before picking the paint color. I found the fabric at TheNeedleShop on etsy. If you’re ever in Chicago, it’s definitely worth stopping by their shop! That’s where I got our living room curtain fabric too!

The fabric is more turquoise than blue, but it will look great with the Laguna Green paint from Valspar. For some reason I thought I’d need a whole gallon to paint the 10 inch border, so if anyone wants to try the color, let me know! There’s plenty left over!

So, the nursery is now painted. The next step is painting the chair rail white (that’s on the agenda for tonight). Then Saturday Adam’s going to borrow a miter saw from a friend and get it hung!  Anyone have any experience with cutting corner pieces?

Putting the nursery together is quite the process, but we realized it’s really the only room in the house that we started from scratch. Here’s our progress–and what’s left to do!

Install ceiling fan
Hang blinds
Remove molding
Hang chair rail
Put together IKEA crib and dresser
Sew curtains
Hang curtain rods
Hang pictures
Organize closet
Bring home baby boy!


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