Library Looking

by laura.johnson

There is something about fall that makes me dream of an afternoon curled up with a book.  Maybe it’s the starting of the school year, the smell of #2 pencils, or the turning of tips of all the trees but I long for a beautiful library and an enticing novel home design book.

Lucky for me the city of Saginaw has provided both, just outside my front door.

{image from Bublitz Photography}

The Hoyt Library is just down the road, and often as I drive by it I shame myself for not taking more advantage of this great historical resource.  The stunning architectural elements lead way for an interior that is equally studious and inviting.

It’s in this stunning environment that my lack of photography skills frustrate me the most, because as beautiful as it looks here, it’s 10 times the space in person.

Of course my library lust took me to pinterest, wouldn’t you love to curl up here?

{Apartment Therapy}

Yep that’s right I’m one of those people who loves books organized by color and size.  That’s just how my brain works.  How cute is this couple and their baby bump, darling setting for a maternity shoot.

{Tenley Clark Photography}

For all of you without 25 ft ceilings and ladders to twirl on here are a few small space libraries to inspire a little book worming.

{Pinterest Files}

 {Little Hell Raisers}

Anyone besides Andrea and I have books on the brain recently?

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  1. thanks for the design nod. great blog you’ve got here. keep it up.

    kara {}

  2. I would love to curl up with a book and read (especially today because it’s cool and rainy) but alas, other duties call…I find that checking a book out from the library is not only cheaper, but it gives me a due date by which to finish the book!

  3. I now understand all the pins on pintrest!

  4. Always have books on the brain…and I love the library. The Hoyt library with its Beauty and Beast ladders (you forgot to take a picture of those….) might even beat out the library I frequented in Montana with mountain views. But I am trying hard not to create a library at home. More stuff. Trying to keep only the books we truly love and leave the rest for book check out day at the library.

  5. I love Hoyt library! The architecture is really beautiful, I just wish they would have maintained some architectural integrity when they added the addition. It is SO 70s!

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