Life Abundant

by laura.johnson


While it’s officially the first day of  autumn, the signs of seasons changing have been around for a few weeks now.  A couple nights ago there were threats of the first frost of the season.  Fearing the worst for my wee garden, I gathered all the tomatoes, red, orange, and green alike before they could catch a touch of a cold.

Little known fact, tomatoes are one of the few fruits (yep fruit) that can ripen off of the plant.  I had my doubts but after a pruning mishap a few weeks ago I put this theory to the test.  See those ruby gems on the end?  Those were solid green earlier this month, not a touch of amber to them!  But a few weeks basking in our afternoon sunshine turned them into sweet, juicy tomatoes, yummmm.  BLT anyone?

Speaking of experiments that I should have told you about weeks ago, we went blueberry picking!  The first summer we were married, a group of us went blueberry picking.  I’m a big fan of the chatting and picking so the boys quickly separated from the girls and we picked until we were bored.  Cody and I finally compared loot at the weigh-in station and realized the folly in our ways.  What were we going to do with the 27 pounds of blueberries?  I froze them and Cody enjoyed several handfuls of blueberries on his morning cereal until March.

Now that Cody has a serious antioxidant habit to maintain I wanted to fill our freezer while supplies were relativity cheap.  However, our summer had us busy visiting family and soaking up as much sunshine as possible.  Which left us picking at the end of the season, when the crops were sparse and the berries tiny.  The berry on the left is what we were used to picking the last couple years, however this year my bucket was full of the smaller version to the right.

Which may be part of the reason we spent just as long picking and only came home with a lousy 3 pounds.  Which is more than we can eat in one sitting, yet not enough to last us till March.

Once I had the berries home I washed them up and spread them out on cookie sheets to freeze overnight.  The first year I spent hours making sure no two berries were touching, however this year I just made sure they weren’t stacked up on top of each other.  Then in the morning I bagged the berries in freezer ziplock bags. If your husband doesn’t eat frozen berries by the fistful, you might want to double bag them to make sure the don’t get a little extra crispy with freezer frost.

Maybe it’s from growing up in a farming community, but I always grow nostalgic over a bountiful harvest.  My heart swells at seeing the literal fruits of our labor met by the provision of a loving God. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

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  1. I’ll toast to that! Isn’t it crazy what happens with just a little seed?

  2. Yum yum yum. I now have a handful of blueberries on my cereal.

  3. I’m so envious of your tomato harvest. They look fabulous! Ours were really disappointing this year :( What variety did you plant?

    • I believe they were pretty generic varieties maybe ‘Early Girl’ and ‘Beefy Boy’? I forget the second one. Honestly I picked them up because they were .75 at my local grocery store, they were half dead and hadn’t been watered in weeks. I knew it was a long shot but hey some people play poker, I buy questionable plants. Yep I live on the edge.

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