Life Out West

by laura.johnson

I’ve been sneaky, last week while chatting about sundresses and my favorite new British sitcom car show, I was out west soaking up the cool mountain air and enjoying the fellowship of family.

We went racing down the cool mountain rapids.

Climbing up inclines with 4 wheels of serious power (I couldn’t help but pretend I was the Stig)

hiking through gorgeous aspen forest

sumitting peaks

and daring to go where no steam engine had been, the crest above of the Alpine Tunnel, otherwise known as the Continental Divide.

All while soaking in more sun than this Michigan girl has seen in a long long while.  It was glorious!

While holidays are wonderful, nothing beats coming back to a home you love and the people you can’t live without.  Can I get an amen?

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  1. Michigan Girl? Really?

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