Little Touch of Green

by laura.johnson

The lawns are turning green and long awaited spring has finally made its way this far north. Which means conversations with friends have migrated toward garden plans, landscaping, and lawn mowing. While I’m longing for the last one, I would love a place to grow fresh veggies and my ever-spinning, project-geared mind has already pinned so many to-die-for landscaping projects. But alas, my life for now consists of windowsill gardening and borrowing my friend’s little plots of land.

As a consolation prize, a few weeks ago I planted little bits of grass in our tea cups to help encourage spring along.  Here’s how it went down.

Supplies you’ll need:

Way too much grass seed- unfortunately this only comes in lawn size not teacup size.

Dirt-same story here.

Teacups or other cute containers

Paper cups



After learning my lesson about planting in glass planters and not wanting to ruin our sweet little teacups I  dropped the paper cups in our teacups, traced with a pen, and trimmed them to size.

Filled the paper cups about 2/3 with dirt, add a generous amount of seed

Top with a small amount of dirt, and stir, mixing the seeds with the top layer of dirt. And if you are feeling extra ambitious, add more seed. After all, we have plenty, and as my chemistry teacher always said, “if a little is good, a lot is better”.

Set these guys a sunny spot, water lightly, and then for my super secret garden tip; pray that these little guys grow grow grow! Yep, that’s right, prayer, after all it’s the only thing that help plants, and us, grow.

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  1. Since you are using your pretty dishes, I keep thinking that this looks like making mud pies! I always wanted to take my mom’s nice dishes outside to use when I served mud pies as a kid, and I wonder if this is what that urge looks like in adulthood.

  2. One of our pretty dishes jumped of the window sill…. it is now missing an arm.

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