Love is: Making a birthday cake

by Andrea Cooley

Yesterday was my birthday, and I think Adam was more excited about it than I was! He spoiled me with breakfast at our favorite little bakery (La Mie) before work and a nice dinner. But the sweetest thing he did was make me a cake. We’ve celebrated birthdays together for over 10 years, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time he’s ever baked me something.

He got the heart shaped pan for me for Valentine’s Day, but we hadn’t used it yet. He forgot to spray the pan for the first layer, so that’s why it looks a little crumbly. By the second layer he was a pro. He even made the cocoa butter cream frosting from scratch! He’s a keeper!

So even though it may not be the prettiest cake, it’s probably the most thoughtful cake I’ve ever had. I love you babe!

What’s the sweetest thing your hubby’s done for you on your birthday?

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Andrea Cooley

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