Making room for Christmas

by Andrea Cooley

I forget how much room a 6-foot Christmas tree takes up in our living room! This is only our second Christmas in our house, but as soon as we started rearranging the furniture to accommodate the tree, I realized things were going to be a little cozy for the next month!

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a tree and sitting in the living room with the lights glowing, but December also happens to be a month when we do a lot of entertaining (hence my lack of posting recently). Our living room isn’t huge to begin with, so when you add a tree and 10+ people things are a little tight!

Two weekends ago we hosted our 6th annual cookie exchange. I wish I’d taken a picture of everyone snuggled in to watch Elf! It’s a good thing we all like each other and don’t mind cuddling up!

Anyway, I’m rambling. The purpose of this post was to show you our new furniture arrangement and to complement my amazing husband on figuring out how to move the TV to the other side of the fireplace without snaking cords across the floor! Well, he did end up snaking cords across the floor, you just can’t see them!

Last year
, we put the tree in the front corner. It fit fine, but Adam confessed that he’s always dreamed of having the Christmas tree in the front window. That was a dream we could make come true! His dream of having a pinball machine in the basement is a different story. You win some, you lose some, babe!

I loved the idea of putting the sofa against the wall across from the tree (under our gallery wall–maybe some day I’ll sketch up a little floor plan, but for now you’ll have to use your imagination!). But the TV (and the cable hookup) was in that corner. Moving the TV to the other side of the fireplace seemed like an easy solution, but when is decorating ever easy?

Adam reassured me that he could make the cable cord “disappear”. I’ll admit, I was skeptical! At first we were going to run it up the side of the fireplace, across the mantel, and down, but that was awkward and without some heavy duty staples, it would have been pretty obvious.

Enter Plan B: Run the cord behind the sofa, under the rug and tree skirt, and behind the TV stand! Check out his handiwork:

While we’re on the subject of “making room” for Christmas, I can’t help but think about how I make room for Christ, the true reason behind the hustle and bustle of this time of year. It’s one thing to rearrange the furniture to make room for a tree, but what things have I “shuffled” in my life to take time to reflect on Jesus being born to a virgin, becoming man, and ultimately dying for me?

Usually it’s easier for me to pile on one more cookie exchange or write an extra holiday card than to pause for even a minute to be still and rejoice that Christ is King!

In light of this, instead of rushing around to share how I made the decorations on my mantel, Laura and I are going to take our own advice, and focus on savoring this season with loved ones. We won’t abandon our little corner of the blogosphere for long, who knows, I may be back tomorrow, but we’re giving ourselves permission to not post every day. We hope you understand!

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