Mantel Refresh

by Andrea Cooley

As much as I loved the mantel all decorated for Christmas, I was ready for something new. I wanted it to be clean and neutral. I went around the house and collected things I thought would work while Emerson was napping. Lucky for me he slept for 2 hours and it was a sunny day, perfect for taking pictures!

I knew I wanted to use the shadowbox of As, so that's what I started with. It wasn't big enough to hang our be in the middle. I kind of like that the mantel isn't symetrical. We've had the shadowbox for awhile and have never hung it. I thought about putting it in our bedroom, but no one would see it there! Maybe it will end up there eventually, but for now I love it in the living room!

Recognize the ram horns from the Nate Berkus collection at Target? My local store must have restocked, because I found more of the collection on the shelves this week than I did when it first came out. The white ceramic owl is from West Elm. Owls are so trendy right now it's kind of a cliche to decorate with them, but I couldn't resist this guy! I think he fits right in with the ram horns. And I love how the mercury glass candle adds a little shine. I have some mercury glass vases, but I couldn't seem to make them work. Can you guess what's in the tall white vase? Someone thought it was popcorn, but it's actually just wood scraps! A friend was building a house and had a pile of them in their garage. I'm sure her husband thought I was crazy when I asked if I could have some! Doesn't it look cool though? Sometimes the best accessories are free!Do you remember the veneer sphere from my Pinterest challenge last fall? I love how the birch veneer picks up the color of the book page wreath and the lantern. I snagged the lantern on clearance at Target. I was tempted to get more than one (they were $9), but I restrained myself! I have plans to use it outside this summer.

If you haven't been to Target lately and are itching to decorate for spring, you have to check out the latest Threshold collection! I was oohing and ahhing over pretty turquoise glass vases, painted bowls, and patterned pillows.Here's the overall. I may still make some tweaks, but I like it!

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Andrea Cooley

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