Mantel Refresh

by Andrea Cooley

I love our beautiful wood mantel. It’s definitely original to the house, and while it’s probably not the style I would choose (I went through a brief phase where I was trying to convince Adam to let me paint it white), it’s the focal point of the room. And a great place to decorate! Looking at this photo, I’m so glad I took advantage of the one sunny day this weekend.

I tried to find the perfect picture to hang over it for a long time, but finally decided an empty frame was the way to go (especially since I got it for $2 at a garage sale!) Right now I’m showcasing some of my favorite books in the center of the frame, but I can’t wait to change them out with colorful spring flowers.

Full disclosure: I cropped out the ugly outlet above the frame. Hanging the TV over the mantel was never an option, but now we’re trying to decide if we should remove it completely or just put a plate over it (with the thought that a future owner might want to use it).

I’m slowly collecting these Penguin classics with their beautiful covers. You can find them on Amazon!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. By favorite books do you mean prettiest books?

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