Marriage Monday: 7 Decades

by Andrea Cooley

The Original GrandparentsThere's something special about old married couples. So many marriages end in divorce, when you see a couple who's been together for decades you can't help but want to hear their story. You know their love has been tested and is stronger now than it was when they first got married. My great-grandparents were married for over 60 years and I loved how they used to finish each other's sentences and weren't embarrassed to hold hands and when they looked at each other you could see how much they loved each other.

When I saw this story about Barbara "Cutie" Cooper and Harry “Pop Pop” Cooper (shown above) and their 73-year marriage on the Today Show I had to share it. Cutie shares their love story in her memoir, Fall in Love For Life: Inspiration from a 73-Year Marriage.

Pop Pop passed away 3 years ago, but Cutie still answer readers' marriage questions at (The Original Grandparents). In a recent post, she encourages a reader to continue working on her marriage, reminding her that relationships evolve and require a daily commitment to one another.

I can only hope and pray that Adam and I are blessed with that many years of marital bliss!

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Andrea Cooley

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