Marriage Monday: Be Your Husband’s Best Friend

by Andrea Cooley

I hope it goes without saying that when you're married your husband is your best friend. Sure, you still have your girlfriends, and that's fine, but your husband is the person you share your life with. If you can't be open and honest with him, how can you expect your marriage to survive?

When you say I do, your husband immediately becomes "your person". (Any other Grey's Anatomy fans out there?) As much as I consider Laura my closest girlfriend, at the end of the day, Adam is my person. He's the one who I can tell anything and everything to and not be embarrassed or worried that he's going to judge me. He's the one who "gets" me. He knows that sometimes I just have to cry, to ask about what I'm reading, and that I love peanut butter sandwiches. He doesn't have to say a word when I'm having a bad day but can make me feel better just by being there. 

I can't imagine what our marriage would look like if I didn't feel this way, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be good! If friendship (and God) weren't at the core of our marriage it would be too easy to just be "roommates" or call it quits when things get hard.

Before Adam and I started dating, we were friends. Before I dreamed of our first kiss, or what I'd wear on our first date, we got to know each other. We laughed together. We went bowling and sang karaoke and watched movies with friends. I know not every relationship starts this way, but it works for a lot of people! By being friends with Adam, I got to know who he was, and the more I got to know him, the more I wanted our relationship to grow deeper.

Almost 12 years later, he's still the one I can talk to about everything and nothing. The one who challenges me to try new things and encourages me in being the best mom, friend, and wife I can be. I love you babe!

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Andrea Cooley

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