Marriage Monday: Creating a Happy Home

by Andrea Cooley


What a great reminder to start the week!

I pinned this quote from Ashley at Domestic Fashionista earlier this fall and came across it again recently. It's one I feel like is worthy of being posted on the refrigerator as a constant reminder of how I want Adam and I to feel about our home. 

Now that I am home with the baby and Adam works at home, we spend a lot more time together. Some days this is awesome! It means Adam can take a break between conference calls and emails to say hi and love on me and baby boy. Some days it's a challenge. When baby boy is fussy (which is more often these days, we think he's teething) Adam wants to help but really we just need to do our thing. Usually lose my cool and get frustrated. I'll be honest, there are times when I tell him he needs to leave and work at a coffee shop! Taking care of baby boy is a full time job and even though Adam is just as much a parent as I am, during the day, the baby is my responsibility.

I realize our situation is unique. Not everyone stays home with a baby or has a husband who works at home, but I think our frustrations are universal (at least I hope they are!). We are learning how to raise our son and we're also learning how to be parents, and most days it's trial by fire! As we grow into our new roles and responsibilities, I'm finding that it's more important than ever that I don't forget to be intentional about loving my husband. One way I can do that is by creating an environment at home that he wants to be in.

There are lots of ways I can do this. Sometimes he needs to unwind after a hectic day. Of course I'm ready for adult interaction after being home with baby boy all day, but there are days he needs to decompress first. I've learned that if I let him do his thing for 30 minutes, then he's much more likely to pay attention to me and enjoy our time together!

Another way I can love Adam well is by not nagging him with an endless list of things I want him to do around the house. That doesn't mean there aren't things I need him to do, but I tend to ask him multiple times instead of letting him do them on his own.

Grocery shopping and meal planning is another way I create a happy home. Some nights Adam is out of town or has business dinners, but whenever possible we sit down to dinner together. It is our time to talk about our days and reconnect. I try to prepare healthy dinners (and usually Adam helps) and make sure we have healthy snacks. We're both happier when we're not hungry!

Even if you don't have a new baby at home, there are plenty of things that can cause stress and make a home less than inviting. Maybe for you it's a new job, a move, family drama, or stress at work. The list can go on and on. The point is, that no matter what your circumstance, life is full of change. Your home should be a place of comfort, peace, and love.

There will still be days when we need our space, but my goal is to make our home a haven. A place both of us want to be–together!

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