Marriage Monday: Serving My Husband

by Andrea Cooley

Serving my husband

{photo by Carrie Krupke}

Serving Adam isn't something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about. Serving anyone, truly putting their needs before my own, doesn't usually come naturally. And somehow serving your spouse has earned a negative connotation in our society, especially in terms of a wife serving her husband. As women, the world tells us we need to be strong and independent and  But isn't unselfishly putting the needs of the one you love before your own one of the cornerstones of a healthy marriage?


When Ashley over at Domestic Fashionista said that she was going to spend the month of October writing about serving her husband, I knew I would learn a lot from her words and experiences! If you haven't read the series, I highly recommend it! She opened my eyes to how I can approach everything from doing our finances to intimacy with a heart of service. I now see how serving Adam is a privilege and a calling.

It is humbling to serve another person. As much as I love Adam, there are days when it is definitely easier to think about what I want before I think about him. There are so many ways I can serve him. Whether it's getting up with Emerson and letting him have an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning, putting away his clean laundry, or paying attention when he tells me about his latest computer networking idea, when I humbly serve him I show him how much I love him.

Ashley shares her heart for having a healthy marriage and encourages women to love and serve their husbands well. Sometimes serving your husband is as simple as just sitting and watching his favorite sports team with him and sometimes it requires more of a sacrifice, like choosing to spend a holiday with his family and not complaining about it. The important thing is that we make the choice to serve our husbands every day.

How are you serving your husband this week?

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