Marriage Monday: Stay-In Date Nights

by Andrea Cooley

date night

Confession: I hate cleaning our bathtub/shower. I love that we have a master bathroom in our attic, but the fact that the shower is in a huge soaking tub that we rarely use isn't my favorite thing.

What does that have to do with date nights, you ask? I'm so glad you asked!

Now that we have a baby, our date nights look a little different. Most of them take place at home, with the baby monitor present. We try to do something special every week, but sometimes we just end up watching a show (we're still loving The West Wing).

Last week it was my turn to plan date night, and I decided to take advantage of our big bathtub. But before we could soak, I had to clean it. So I grabbed the Scrubbing Bubbles and a sponge and went for it. 5 minutes later (it doesn't take long, so why do I hate it so much!?) the tub was clean and filling with hot water and bubbles. We popped a cheap bottle of champagne left over from New Year's and soaked. And talked about things non-baby related for half an hour.

And it was wonderful.

Sure it will be nice when it’s easier for us to get out of the house for dates, but for now, at home date nights aren’t that bad! It doesn’t take much to make an ordinary night in special!

Any other good ideas for at-home date nights?

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