Marriage Monday: Who did you Marry?

by laura.johnson

Wrong Person


I stumbled upon this article the other day and got to thinking, how many of us were the wrong person when we said 'I do'? Our heads full of ideas of what love and life would be like together but in reality we were laden with selfishness and pride. Tyler McKenzie said it best,

"There are only two kinds of people: (1) wrong people who think they’re right and (2) wrong people who are becoming right, through Jesus. And you’ll marry one of the two."

In our short (almost) four years of marriage I have had my fair share of being both the first then the second of these options. The Lord has been doing lots of refining in both of us and it excites me to think of the changes to come over the next 50 years. How about you, were you the 'right' person when you married your mate?  What refining has the Lord brought about in your life?

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