Marriage Mondays: Marriage Rules

by Andrea Cooley

Rules for a Happy MarriageDo you have rules in your marriage? Adam and I joke about things being "in the contract" in our marriage. Most of them are silly, like who sleeps on which side of the bed, who takes the trash out (Adam), and who does laundry (me). More seriously we always kiss goodnight and we never joke about or talk about divorce. Even though most of our rules are arbitrary, I do believe there are some rules in marriage that are important to make it work.

Rules for a Happy MarriageThis Rules for a Happy Marriage canvas from Personal Creations, is a great reminder of things that are a foundation for a good marriage. Some of the best reminders are:

No one is perfect, especially not you or your husband. That means you are going to have lots of opportunities to forgive one another. When you have a disagreement or have said something hurtful, I always think it is important to say the words "I forgive you." Saying you forgive is the first step, but acting like you forgive them is just as important. It is a choice that you make to accept them, even though they have hurt you and to move on.

Never bring up the past
This one goes hand-in-hand with forgiving. If you truly forgive your husband for something, I believe that means that you don't bring it up again. This is hard to do! We know that God forgives and forgets, but we are human. But if we truly forgive them, it means we are moving on and not staying stuck reliving the hurtful things that were done.

Have fun and laugh
If you can't laugh with your husband I don't know how you'll survive! Seriously, life throws a lot of curve balls, but being able to joke and be silly makes everything more bearable. Adam and I like to say that we are entertainers. No one can make me laugh like he does! Whether it's an inside joke or a crazy, random story from our day, we laugh a lot and I think that's a good thing!

The one thing it doesn't mention on the canvas is God. Without our faith, I honestly don't know how our marriage would survive. Even after more than 8 years of marriage, one thing that I continually struggle with is being selfless. It doesn't come naturally and it's not something that you just learn how to do and move on. Christ is the best example of selfless love. We pray daily for him to be part of our relationship and to unite us as one.

Rules for a Happy MarriageWhen you order the canvas you can put your names and a date at the bottom. I always think customized gifts are fun for weddings. Wouldn't this canvas be a great wedding or anniversary gift? We have it hung in our bedroom so we see it every day.

What rules do you have in your marriage?

*I received this canvas for free from Personal Creations, however all opinions are my own.

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Andrea Cooley