Marriage Mondays: More than Happiness

by Andrea Cooley

I read a really interesting article about marriage and its purpose on this week. It sparked some good conversation between Adam and I.

What would you think if I said the goal of marriage is not happiness.

Take a moment to let that sink in.

Kind of puts a damper on the fairy tale ending of living happily ever after, doesn't it?

But really, how different would your marriage look if you believed that your happiness wasn't your partner's responsibility? I think it would take the pressure off both of you.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't want to do things to make your husband happy, but maybe the purpose of marriage is bigger than your happiness.

Maybe it's about encouraging and challenging each other to be better people. To love more, submit more, give more, and honor more.

Maybe marriage is a glimpse of heaven. A healthy marriage is a reflection of God's love for the church, embodied in human flesh. That sounds a lot better than just being happy, doesn't it?


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Andrea Cooley

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