Marriage Mondays: Words of Kindness

by Andrea Cooley


Sometimes loving your husband is as easy as the words you say to him. I stumbled upon this post on Hollywood Housewife (BTW, I just discovered this blog and loving it!) about choosing to speak only kind words to your husband.

It sounds easy, right? Maybe I'm the only one who spits out nasty, judgemental words without thinking how they will be received. And maybe I'm the only one who has wished I could take them back as soon as I said them. If anyone else has ever wished they could rewind and undo what you said, this is for you!

These days I'm especially prone to lashing out at Adam with unkind words. It's easy to blame sleep deprivation, but really that's no excuse. He's tired too and he deserves better!

I was all set to start the week with kindness and before Adam had even been awake for 30 minutes, I said something negative about what he was wearing. Does it matter that I didn't think the shirt he was wearing didn't look good under his sweater? NO! But I felt the need to point it out and then debate it. Of course I wish I could take back the negative words and instead showered him with kindness.

I may have slipped up this morning, but that doesn't mean I can't make up for it the rest of the day. I'm going to call him and leave him a sweet voicemail (something I haven't done in months, but I know he appreciates) and when we are having dinner with friends tonight, I will brag about what an awesome dad he is.

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