Merlot pairs nicely with humble pie

by laura.johnson

This week we had very humbling moment. I had just settled in for the evening when I knocked my glass of wine over into Cody’s laptop. Drats! I ran to the kitchen grabbed a towel and tried to mop up the wine off the top of the keyboard. Thinking I had got most of it I set the towel aside. That is when the wine started to seep out of the bottom of the case. I gently pried our laptop up to find a very large puddle of Merlot. As I moved the laptop I could hear the surging, sloshing of cheep wine through expensive electronics. ugh.

Cody got home an hour and a half later. I looked at him meekly and told him I had a bad night. He dropped everything and ran over to hold me (yes making it worse), then I had to explain how I had dumped an almost full glass of wine in his computer. He looked at me puzzled and said “is that it? It’s only a computer.” After that he set to work doing actually useful things  like taking apart our little laptop to allow him to fully dry out before powering him up again. But alas for the time being we’ve become a one computer family.

Often women make lists of what they would like in a husband. I made several in my day. However, I don’t think I ever would have thought to include ‘so quick to forgive that he doesn’t even respond to me ruining his computer’. It was another reminder that I married very well.

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  1. It’s great how in marriage we continue to discover lovely things about our better/worse half. It’s nice when it’s lovely things instead of aggravating things.

  2. What a sweet story. How precious that he still hugged you and cared more about you than the computer. :)

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