Monday Night Pops

by Andrea Cooley

stovetop popcornMy sister made stovetop popcorn at our house last time she visited and now we're hooked! I've always liked popcorn, but it was never my go-to snack. I'm more of a cookies and ice cream kind of girl. I still love my sweet treats, but somehow the act of making popcorn on the stove instead of throwing a bag in the microwave makes it special. I picture this being a tradition we do with our kids!

Adam coined the phrase "Monday Night Pops" and it stuck. Any night can be a pops night, but it seems like we usually do it on Mondays.

It's so simple I don't even feel like I should call it a recipe. All you need is canola oil and popcorn. I don't think we'll ever buy the microwave stuff again! It's that good (and CHEAP!). We got a 2 pound bag of kernels for $2! A box of microwave popcorn with only 3 bags is more than that!

We use 1/3 cup oil and 1/2 cup kernels. Put the oil in a pan with one kernel (make sure it has a lid!) Cover the pan and turn the burner on medium high. Wait until you hear the kernel pop. It takes a minute or two. Then pour in the rest of the kernels. You can shake the pan a little as you hear it start to pop. Leave it on the burner until the popping starts to slow down. I think it takes about 5 minutes.

We use a 5 1/2 quart dutch oven. If you use a small pan, just reduce the amount of kernels!

I should also note, that Adam is the expert popper in our house. I'm not supposed to help. Probably because the two times I tried to "help" salt the popcorn it was a disaster. Let's just say I had a heavy hand and have learned to leave the seasoning up to him!

Usually we just season with salt, but we branched out and tried Greek seasoning the other night. It was tasty! I think we'll experiment with a garlic salt or parmesan cheese next. Or maybe we'll try something sweet like cinnamon sugar. Of course butter is an obvious topping, but we try to keep it at least semi-healthy. The possibilities are endless!

Anyone else love to make stovetop popcorn? Have a favorite seasoning? I'd love to hear about it!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. We have a stir-crazy popper and we love the popcorn it makes – especially my 2 year old son! Sunday night is our popcorn night!

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