My entire life in a Toyota Matrix

by laura.johnson

I mentioned earlier this week that 3 years ago I packed my entire life up in my car, and drove east leaving behind my lovely West Coast life.

My roommate and one of my best friends lived just blocks from most of the favorite chain stores; Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Urban Outfitters, Cost Plus World Market, not the mention home to design icons like Jonathan Adler, Room Service, and the famous Melrose Fairfax Flea Market. To make life even better, that dear friend I lived with, also happened to be a fabulous cook and insisted on doing the shopping and cooking for the household, she even wanted to do the dishes!  Can I get an amen?

Yep, life was pretty sweet however there was this very good looking, gentleman that lived 2500 miles away and I knew that if this relationship would ever grow into something real a change had to be made.  So I packed what I could, sold what I couldn’t.  Seems simple, almost easy but, trust me it wasn’t.  Allow me to reminisce on a few of the items that nearly broke my heart in two to leave behind.

Our dear ‘boy couch’ we found at the Melrose flea market on a bright day.  Yes is has a forever blue stain on it and yes the cushions were filled with plastic bags instead of foam and batting, but it was the only seat in the house that got cell phone reception so both Rebecca and I took our turns sitting there giggling and chatting with the men we would one day marry.

There was our dinning room table and chairs I wanted to forever take with me but couldn’t.  That darling table withstood many a dinner party, long Sunday breakfasts, and our nightly meals together, oh if those chairs could talk!


Then there are all of those things that are impossible to back up no matter how big the vehicle like, the crashing ocean, endless sunny days even in December, favorite hiking trails, friendships that have endured through thick and thin but most of all the privilege of watching two friends fall in love.

When moved by love or by God we follow, and try our hardest not to look back.  If you haven’t noticed by now I’m only really good at that first part.

Being young crazy and in love Cody and I  embarked on this 45 hour trip across the country with a car so loaded we had to unroll the back windows to get to our overnight bags!  Along the way I met his entire family for the first time, spent time with my family in Iowa, attended one of his best friends weddings, along the way,  then landed in Saginaw, Michigan.

What a start to one of the best adventures of my life so far!

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