My Husband, the Lumberjack

by Andrea Cooley

This weekend Adam got busy “redecorating” our yard. He and a friend took down 3 trees and a bush in a matter of hours! The best part was, they tackled the dirty work, while a friend and I went to a yarn store and Joann’s. By the time we got back, the trees were gone! Adam was pretty proud of his chainsaw skills! I have to agree with him. They did a great job!

He wanted me to include how-to photos of the felling line (I learned this is what you call the rope used to guide the tree down) and a close up of the saw, but I gently reminded him that this is a decorating blog, and as interesting as all that is, I didn’t think you loyal readers were all that interested. However, if you have questions about how to cut down a tree, there are lots of videos online and I’m sure he would be happy to answer any questions.

We’ve been talking about taking down the two scraggly trees in our front yard almost since we moved in. They gave us a lot of privacy, but they blocked light and looked messy. We’re in the process of taking out our crumbling retaining wall and redoing our front walk. We’re also hoping to add a ring for plants around the big oak along with plants under the window box and where the trees used to be. Right now we have some weeding to do! Hopefully this will be done in September so we can get some things planted this fall. I’ll definitely keep you posted!

Here’s a little before and after of our progress:





What do you think? I’ll admit, it was hard cutting down the big pine in the backyard, I’m excited to have more room for veggies and flowers next year. My mom informed me that she’s mourning the loss of a perfectly good tree. If only the tree in the back had been in the front yard maybe we would have kept it.

For now we’re left with this pile of branches and logs. Our goal is to stuff as much of it as we can into the compost bin over the next couple weeks and to cut what we can for firewood (don’t worry, we won’t burn it until it’s had time to dry out!)

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Warn Adam that next year when we are ready to cut down a couple of our trees in the back yard, we may be calling him 😉 Love the look without the trees. It really does open it up!

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