My Secret Recipe

by laura.johnson

Long summer mornings have me lingering over an extra cup of coffee, ok an extra 3 cups of coffee.  Which generally leads to an over-caffeinated, jittery, cranky gal.  Cody was having the same issues, so we made the leap from dark roast to half caff.


Are you shocked, completely taken aback?  If you’ve known me and my caffeine crutch over the last few years you would be. Truthfully it wasn’t as bad as I feared, but we missed having the dark roast flavor so we opted to try our hand at our version of half-ish caff. (I have no idea how 1/2-ish this recipe is so try at our own risk)

It’s really as simple as it sounds. Simply pour your full body roast in your favorite canister until it’s half full, and then fill the rest with a complementary decaf version, then shake it up while doing a funky kitchen dance.  Here are a few hints to help with this difficult recipe.


The ‘fresh seal’ on most coffee canisters is a great make shift funnel, simply line the 1/2 caff canister lip with the seal to make pouring from one to the other a little less messy.

Labels are our friends, or at least giving your spouse fair warning of a less than full caff option is friendly.  Cut a square of scrap book paper or even a leftover paint swatch and attach it to your canister with photo corners.  This allows you to switch out the label as your switch out your caffeine intake.

So there you have it kids an original recipe from the kitchen of Laura Johnson.  You may have noticed that while Andrea and I have a lot of decorating advice, will launch full on into home improvement projects, and are chalk full of tips to beautifying our kitchen, we are a little lacking on tips on how to actually USE your kitchen.  We cook for our friends and husbands, but our recipes come to us via other publications instead of our own creativity.

However we’ve notice some of you are phenomenal cooks full of great ideas!  We are currently looking for someone to join us for a regular guest post column here sharing recipes they’ve come to love while learning to love their husband and family.  If this is something that could interest you drop us a line, tell us about a few of your favorite things to cook and how you’ve stumbled on this new found passion.

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  1. 1/2 caff? OK, bring a cup to the porch swing and I’ll give it a try.

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