Newest Project in the Johnson Houshold

by laura.johnson

Well you may have noticed by now I love to take on a good project to spruce up our little home. Whether it’s refinishing an old piece of furniture or framing ‘art’ to capture our long distance love story, I love the thrill of seeing a project through from idea to completion, of course sharing all the nitty gritty with those kinda enough to read along.  So you can only guess how hard it’s been to keep our latest endeavor under wraps!

Cody and I are thrilled to be adding a little girl to our lives, and all the joy (and projects) she’ll bring our way come mid-June.

Our Small Bump in the Road

As much as we have been bursting at the seems to share our joy with the world, life (and baby growing) has interrupted and given us pause.  Right as we felt like we had passed the daunting first trimester I developed a couple large Subchorionic Hematomas. After a multiple trips to the ER, weeks and weeks of additional doctor appointments, and ultrasound after ultrasound we have landed at ‘wait and see’. Or more specifically ‘wait and see as I lay as flat as possible’. The doctors took me off work at the beginning of December, and just before Christmas they looked at me and said the only excuse for me to be out of bed was to get food and use the restroom. Yikes!

Luckily they were kind enough to still let us travel over the holiday.  So I enjoyed almost 3 long luxurious weeks with family and friends, which is far more time than I’ve been allowed to spend in years.  If anyone is looking for my cure all natural remedy, time on a sofa with your sisters in life and sisters in Christ is just about the best healing a girl can ask for.

Blessings that Abound

While this has not been the pregnancy experience Cody and I expected, we find ourselves being able to put aside the uncertainties and revel in the many blessings that surround us.  Family and friends who continually lift us up in prayer, allow us to crash on their couch for days at a time, bring us meals, clean our house, call to check in after hard appointments, and allow us to cry as needed.  On top of all that we have this sweet gift from the Lord that we are allowed to love for today, and maybe even tomorrow.

Without a doubt this blog will continue on as it has in the past with great projects for the home and sharing in our marital musings as our husbands inspire us.  Because of the nature of this pregnancy I’ll periodically drop in with milestones, updates, and of course funny stories as they happen, but our focus will still be on our ever-evolving homes we share with our husbands.  If you have further questions about Subchorionic Hematomas, or our particular situation, I’d be happy to discuss further, just drop me a line or leave us a comment.

* Can’t get enough of that sweet print?  You can order your very own at the Wallaroo Etsy store.


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  1. A girl! I’m sure Elaine’s daughter will greatly appreciate that someday! Praying for a safe arrival and healthy little one. :)

  2. You bet Katelyn’s excited!!! And I can’t wait to get them matching outfits and watch them have tea parties together!! Okay… so maybe I’m the excited one. : )

  3. Love you….thanks for sharing the afternoon.

  4. Congratulations to you!!!! Wishing you all God’s blessings. Will send our prayers your way. Thinking of you and your little growing blessing.

  5. maybe that’s what I had almost 30 years ago. the first month I bled hard and thought it was another miscarriage the placenta came away from the wall. I was on semi bed rest for about 2mo months the the placenta reattached and he started to grow again, at 9mo I delivered an 8lb 14 oz baby boy. Praying your little girl is a beautiful miracle.

  6. Laura it was nice seeing you over the holidays, hope our couch and bedroom treated you well. I know Andrea enjoyed the company. Were praying for you guys and the baby girl!!

  7. Congratulations on your new addition! Praying for a safe and uncomplicated rest of your pregnancy!

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