Nice job, Target!

by Andrea Cooley

Last week a quick run into Target for more prenatal vitamins (I highly recommend the chewy UP & UP version) turned into a inspiration session. Since I wasn't planning on getting anything other than the vitamins, I didn't have a cart, or even a basket. You'd think that would limit my shopping, but this pregnant lady was on a mission, to see as much as she could, and carry out as much as her two arms could hold!

I remembered glancing at their weekly ad and liking the new throw pillows and rugs they were showing. I also love the Privet House Collection and it seems every store has a little different selection. So of course I had to check that out too. Before I knew it, I was juggling a blue zebra patterened runner, rug pad, and a case of La Croix sparkling water

Lucky for Adam the rug and rug pad (along with the water and vitamins) were the only things I left with, but I made mental notes of the other things I saw to share with you (and keep in mind for later!)

I couldn't find a link to the rug online, but I've been wanting something for our entry for awhile. I think the runner was $33 and I bought a runner, but decided to use some Grip shelf liner I already had instead. I figured it was half the cost. Has anyone else tried this?

Note to self: it's hard to take a picture of anything in front of a door.

Don't you think this chair would look lovely in our guest room? I think it could double as an accent chair/sewing machine table chair.

It's taken me awhile to warm up to poufs, it seems like they're everywhere these days. But this braided coral number makes my heart go pitter patter! I think it would look good in a nursery, if we're having a girl (we find out on Friday!).

I'm a sucker for ikat and throw pillows. It's amazing this one didn't end up in my arms! I wish I had a place for this in our house…


These cute chalkboard placecards were sold out at the Target I was at, but I can think of so many uses for them! Nameplates, menu callouts, little notes, the list goes on and on. 

What unnecessary things have you bought at Target lately?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I love that runner!  I have been looking for an inexpensive one that is a bit modern for our entryway.  And it has been hard to find anything reasonably priced!  I will definitely check out Target!  I have noticed that they have a lot of new designers which I am really loving!

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