O Come Let Us Adore Him

by Andrea Cooley

o come let us adore himimage via The Small Seed

We had a busy Thanksgiving weekend, seeing lots and lots of family on both sides and introducing Foster to many who hadn’t met him before. Of course it was exhausting, doing anything with two boys takes a little more planning and effort, but it was so worth it! Saturday we drove 400 miles and were in 3 different states. It was a long day, and we didn’t know how the boys would do in the car for so long, but they were troopers! It helped that it was a beautiful day. We divided the trip into 3 parts, so we all got breaks, and the best part was that the boys were asleep when we got home, so we just transported them in their jammies to bed and called it a night.

family photosEven though it would have been easier to stay home, or limit the people we saw, it was so good for my heart to share our boys with those who love and pray for them. What parent doesn’t love to hear others ooo and ahhh over how sweet and darling and wonderful their children are? Even when they didn’t take a nap the day before and were up before 6, ready to play, play, play, you love them. But sometimes we need to hear that other people love them too to remind us how special they really are.

I am doing the She Reads Truth advent study O Come, Let Us Adore Him. Who else is reading it? Isn’t it amazing? Seriously, I love all their studies, but this one is especially good. I even forked over the money for the printed journal this time and love having the space for reflection.

As I have been reading all the prophesy leading up to Christ’s birth, I can’t help but think about how the shepherd’s and the wise men came to see Jesus and adore him. I’m sure Mary and Joseph’s hearts swelled with pride in much the same way Adam’s and mine do when we share our baby with others. Here was their precious baby, their first born son, so tiny and sweet and innocent. And this little baby was also the Savior of the world! Even if their hearts couldn’t comprehend the gravity of it all, they couldn’t help but share their joy with others.

My goal is to focus on the joy and wonder of Christ’s birth this year and simply adore the season. I’m trying really hard to limit the busyness that comes with this time of year. I’m not going to every cookie exchange and I’m not sending out Christmas cards to a huge list of people. I hate saying no to things, but I know my limits and this year more than any other year, I know I can’t do it all. We have a tree but didn’t put out all the decorations. I even skipped the nativity scene! (It’s just easier that way since Emerson would want to play with all the pieces).

Even though I’m itching to make a new wreath (did you see all the amazing ones over at The Nesting Place?), instead I’m sitting in the living room with the tree lights on and enjoying a cup of decaf while the boys nap. I might get pictures taken to post later, or you may have to imagine what it looks like.

I hope you all give yourself permission to slow down this year and enjoy the season! Especially you mama’s with little ones and pregnant ladies! I loved Lisa Jo-Baker’s post giving mom’s permission to “let it go”.


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Andrea Cooley

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