Ode to the 72″ Sofa

by laura.johnson

I must admit I was a bit of a couch potato this weekend.  The time I didn’t spend sitting on one, I made up for by working on another, and dreaming of at least 3 more.  (yep I have a bit of a furniture problem.)

All of this cushioned living reminded me how much I loved the 72″ Sofa.  Yes I admit it’s a bit of a strange affair.  Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life hopping from one small abode to the next, but when I survey the fields of tan sofas I often want them the be just 10 inches shorter.

Laugh as you will, but apparently I’m not the only one. Here is a round up of some of my latest perfectly (or at least close enough) sized sofas.  Here are some of my (and other notable name’s) favorites:

Bryson from CR Laine

Petrie from Crate and Barrel

Vaughn, also from Crate and Barrel

Carlisle from Pottery Barn

Mathidle Sofa from Anthropologie

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