Oh Christmas Tree…

by laura.johnson

Usually about October I start dreaming of cleaver ways to create our Christmas tree for the year.  You see, I have a soft spot for the non-traditional. Last year we had 3 mod rolled paper ‘trees’ the tallest adorned with a star.  Sweet, festive, and after the holidays it went right in the recycle bin!

This year I was drawing a little bit a blank, that is until I found this beauty on Pinterest.

{image source}

Yes, I confess it was the dress and heals that initially caught my attention, but soon the chalk-drawn tree had me searching through our closet looking for our butcher paper.  I rolled out the size of tree our walls could handle and started tracing branches thanking God for creating trees to have non perfectly symmetrical limbs, can I get an amen?

I cut out our twiggy little tree, mounted it above our floating shelf, topped it with the star from our first Christmas, and added a few beloved handmade ornaments from last year as well.

This year I also carried over the tradition of posting scripture to help us reflect on this beautiful, meaningful time of year.  Yes, they are small, and for the most part recyclable traditions perfect for our little life.  What traditions do you keep returning to year after year?

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