Oh the boys we love…

by laura.johnson

I am an expert at forgetting things. It must be something about the excitement of travel, but I almost always leave behind some beloved item.  From our most recent trip it was my hair brush, not a priceless item but still something my mangled mane could do without for too long.

Keeping with my new resolution to send Cody to the store more often, I gave him my criteria: a simple hairbrush, bristles, handle, etc. In true boy shopping fashion, he took one step into the hair-care aisle, made a grab for the first brush he laid eyes one and ducked out. However, once in the safety of the general merchandise section, he realized a black and green brush might not be my first choice. So back he went to search among the feathered headbands, and glittered barrettes, for a hair brush fitting for his wife.

Some may say chivalry is dead, I say you’re not looking hard enough.

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