On the Tele

by laura.johnson

We’ve hit the summer slump for our favorite form of entertainment. We’ve caught up on missed episodes from last season, run through the list of anything worth watching on Hulu, and even enjoyed a few summer series on USA network (via Hulu).  But now we are here in August we’re still a month away from the exciting fall premieres to come.  Which is how we came to watch a testosterone-filled, British magazine format show, TopGear.

As you might guess this was Cody’s idea of good entertainment, with a line up of world’s greatest super cars i.e. Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, and super challenges i.e. racing fire, climbing mountains, and lots of driving above 100 mph.  Not exactly a show designed for the fairer sex, or so I thought, until I saw this:

Yes childish, but oh so funny.  And there has been much more to follow, cars turned into boats, makeshift camper vans, and my favorite so far, the minivan convertible.

Of course all of the above are executed with the skill and class of a one-handed blind man with a British accent.

Cody and I have hit a nice stride watching the show together. We snicker at the over the pond lingo (bonnet in place of hood and boot instead of trunk), and when he’s feeling extra affectionate, he even fast forwards through the parts where they talk about engines and driving fast.  What love.

What do you watch on TV during the summer months?

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  1. Hm… Convertable Minivan, new summer project.

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