Painted jars

One of these things is not like the others

by Andrea Cooley

Painted jars

Can you tell which vase I paid $6 for at West Elm and which ones I pulled out of the recycling bin and painted? (Does anyone else now have the song from Sesame Street in their head after reading the title of this post? “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong…” Or am I the only one who still remembers all those silly songs!)

Painted jarsI pinned this image of painted recycled glass jars from Apartment Therapy awhile back and finally tried it this weekend. It’s as easy as it sounds and I am in love with the results! I used acrylic craft paint, but I’m sure you could use any leftover paint. The nice thing about the craft paint is that it comes in a little bottle so it’s easy to squeeze drops into the jars.

I have been saving glass bottles bottles and jars with interesting shapes and saving them for awhile. I finally put them to good use! When I was working on this the only comment Adam had was to make sure I wasn’t going to be using these jars for food or drink. I assured him these were for decorative purposes only and he shrugged and let me be. Silly boy!

Here’s how to do it:

Painted jars

Clean out the jars and remove any labels. I set up shop on the kitchen table, laying newspaper over the table. I got my paint at Michael’s. I think it was $1.78. Now I wish I’d gotten more colors!

Painted jars

Start dripping paint into the jar, down all the sides. The tall, skinny bottle was a little trickier. I started dripping paint down the sides, but realized it would have been better to start at the bottom and work my way up. Be patient! It takes awhile to coat, but a little paint goes a long way!

Painted jarsOnce the sides and bottom are mostly covered, turn the jar upside down and let gravity do it’s thing. You don’t need the lid. I happened to have the lid for this jar, but it’s fine to let it drip on the newspaper. I scraped up the drips and put them back in the bottle!Then I let them dry overnight. Since I used acrylic paint I don’t think I can put water in these vases and use them for real flowers. If you used latex paint you might be able to put water in them, anyone know?
Now I just have to decide where to display my new favorite vases! I’ve already looked at all the jars in the refrigerator to see what fun shapes are waiting to be emptied! Now I just need to find things to make with wheat germ, kalamata olives, and chili garlic sauce!


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Andrea Cooley

  1. I have more than enough acryllic paint to last most of my lifetime probably. I use the .59 cent kind from Michael’s all the time and it works just as good as the expensive stuff – and then you can afford more colors!

  2. I used acrylic as well on my similar here
    I think even latex might peel with water… maybe you could do some polyurethane to coat the paint?

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