Online bargains

by Andrea Cooley

I love a good garage sale or thrift store, but I don’t always have time to hunt for deals in stores. I get most of my home inspiration online. And since I’m a sucker for a good sale, I get several sent straight to my inbox daily. For some this would be dangerous, but I am usually good at only looking and not purchasing. A few weeks ago, One Kings Lane caught me in a weak moment with a sale on throw pillows I couldn’t resist. I don’t remember the exact cost, but it was under $40 for two pillows (not just covers-that’s something to read the fine print for). Add in free shipping and I was sold!

Part of the thrill of online shopping is waiting for the package to arrive. Coming up the driveway after work today I saw my package waiting for me on the front steps. Of course I ran to the front door, ripped open the package, and oohed and ahhed over my latest purchase. Then I threw made room for them on the couch!

They’re bigger than I pictured (of course I didn’t measure to see how large a 22-inch pillow was before ordering), but they’re really soft and the covers zip off (score!) so I can recover them if I ever feel like it.

I love the ikat pattern. I know it’s everywhere right now and it will probably be “out” next year, but for now I feel like I’m on trend!

Adam of course doesn’t know that the pattern is all the rage in design right now. He just see a pattern that’s a little funkier than anything else in the house, and that has a salmony pink in it. When he first saw them, he said something along the lines of “where did those crazy pillows come from?” I quickly told him what a good deal they were and showed him how great they look on our brown couch. In the end, I don’t think he really cares, which is fine with me!

One Kings Lane offers discounted prices on a variety of luxury home decor like bedding, furniture, art work, kitchenwares, rugs, and lighting. I like to check out prices on brand names that I would never be able to afford normally and still usually can’t afford. It’s kind of like window shopping on Michigan Avenue only in the comfort of your home (and without rude sales people looking down their noses at you when they realize you aren’t going to buy anything!) Sales are sent out daily and last for 72 hours, but things can sell out quickly. Just like thrifting, there are lots of great deals if you know what you’re looking for!

If you want to sign up for deals sent to your inbox, click here. (full disclaimer, if you sign up from this link and make a purchase, I get a credit).

Even if you never buy anything, I think it’s worth having pretty things emailed to you!

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