Our first appliance purchase

by Andrea Cooley

This fall has been one of big purchases in the Cooley household. First, a roof (hopefully the most expensive thing we’ll ever buy) and then a dryer. The joys of owning a home, right?

There’s never a convenient time to find out a major appliance is broken. I realized the dryer was broken when it had been running for over two hours and the towels were still damp. Meanwhile, there was another load of wet laundry waiting in the washing machine and the temperatures were freezing outside so I couldn’t exactly hang them out to dry. Instead I hung them in the basement, and they got dry, but they were stiff.

We called the Sears repairman to come look at the dryer and it would have been more expensive to fix it than to buy a new one. Too bad we had to pay someone to come tell us that. The dryer came with the house, and was probably 10-15 years old, but we hadn’t really planned on getting a new one so soon.

So we headed to Sears on a Sunday afternoon. I’m the one who does the laundry in our house, and I told Adam I didn’t want anything fancy. I just wanted something to dry the clothes. Adam, who has maybe done five loads of laundry since we’ve been married, thought the steam dryers sounded pretty great. Of course they are more than twice as much as a regular dryer. I quickly convinced him that wouldn’t be necessary.

I hate working with sales people. I kind of wish you didn’t have to deal with them at all. I knew what dryer I wanted (a Whirlpool Duet) and didn’t want to be convinced that I needed a more expensive model. I just wanted to get in, get out and get on with my Sunday afternoon.

This is where it pays to have a husband. Adam is great with salespeople. It must be from the years he spent working in customer service. I wish I could say he got us a great deal on the dryer, but he handled all the paperwork and I held back, avoiding eye contact and making it clear we didn’t want to be sold anything else.

And I have to admit, the new dryer looks much better than the old one (below). Even though it’s in the basement where no one sees it. Almost makes me wish we needed a new washing machine too, so they matched.

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