Our Festive Holiday TableScape

by laura.johnson

Yes as everyone shares their beautiful holiday photos, turkey, stuffing the works, that is not the scene at our house. So in the effort of fairness, I thought I’d share with you the breathtaking table scape we’ve had for the last few weeks:

And when I say breathtaking, I mean you have to hold your breath to avoid breathing in those nasty turpentine fumes!  Needless to say, we are neck deep in a surprise project, and our table is in no condition to serve food, even though I believe I see Cody’s coffee mug dangerously wedged in the mix.

Oh and Andrea isn’t the only one hanging curtains, however, our change up is a little more temporary.  As our kitchen acts as a workshop, we’ve hung this beautiful, yet thread bare sheet over our double doorway to help fend off the fumes.  We’ve been utterly surprised at the results!  We do have both the windows open and a fan circulating the air, but the rest our little abode smells like clean laundry and is nice warm and toasty.  Who knew 20 year old sheets had an R value of 60+ and air filtration abilities to boot?!  I think we might be on to something here.

Curious what we’ve got cook’n?  I promise more details to come!

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  1. I’m so curious! Can’t wait to see more pictures:)

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