Outdoor decorating

by Andrea Cooley

The title of this post is outdoor decorating, but I probably could call it yard work. Decorating just sounds like more fun, doesn’t it? We did lots of little projects around the house this winter, but now it’s time to get our hands dirty outside!

So far we’ve just started clearing the leftover leaves from the fall and dreaming about what we want to do with the yard. Since last year was our first year in the house, we kind of just let things grow to see what there was.

We have big plans for the yard this year, including: redoing the steps leading to our front door (they’re crumbling!) I’d love to make it a brick walk, getting a new retaining wall along the driveway, taking down one of the pine trees out front, and fixing the light over the front door and/or the lamp post (if you’re trying to find our house after dark, good luck!)

One thing Adam and I are learning (probably me more than him) in the process of owning a house is that it’s OK to ask for or hire help. We have no idea where to start when it comes to repairing the retaining wall and crumbling steps. I’m sure we could figure it out, but I have to get over that. There’s a part of me that thinks we should just do it ourselves (probably because my day job is all about telling people how to do house projects). So I have to remember that working on the house could be a full time job (and for some bloggers it is!), but for us it’s not.

We’ve called a landscaper who is going to take a look at what we have and tell us what they’ll charge to fix it. Assuming it’s not too expensive (honestly, we have no idea how much these things will cost) we’ll happily pay them to do the work and spend our nights and weekends working on other things.

When we changed our bathroom faucets, it wasn’t easy (especially for Adam), but we did it ourselves. I take pride in that. But there’s also something to be said for letting a professional do something.

Do you have a hard time hiring people to help with house projects? What projects have you decided you needed help with?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Gerard has done a lot of YouTube videos for DIY projects. But when it came to the deck that he happily demolished (the fun part), we called upon a friend from church with a carpentry and contractor background. Gerard worked alongside him and learned, I’m so glad he humbles himself to acknowledge when a project might be beyond his grasp. And the deck looks fantastic!

  2. We had to have a new chimney built after we moved into our house because of the previous damage to it and there was no way we would have attempted that ourselves, but it was EXPENSIVE! We don’t even use the fireplace but were told that if the chimney wasn’t repaired, it would eventually damage the roof which then would be a major headache. So it was preventative work:)

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