Thankful in March

march pictures

Spring is officially here and even though we've had more than our share of cold, snowy days, April is bound to be warmer, right?

1. Birthday celebrations!

2. A trip to Vegas with Adam and friends. Emerson stayed home with Nana and did great.

3. Warm, sunny days and muddy shoes and pants

4. Grilling outside for the first time this year

5. Red, ripe strawberries

6. Pancake day with friends

7. Meeting my nephew for the first time! And Emerson playing with cousins.

8. That Adam doesn't usually have to work weekends. He worked Saturday and Sunday one weekend and it was hard!

9. A flock of robins in our backyard

10. New, cute rain boots!

11. College basketball! It's been a great year for the Iowa State men's team

12. Reading to Emerson. He's finally to the point where he will sit and listen to a whole book! He even brings them to me to read. I love to read and hope he does too!

13. Playing outside with Emerson. Even on days when it's still only in the 40s, he loves being outside!

14. The wonder of bubbles through the eyes of a toddler

15. A day trip to see family. It's so great they are only 2 hours away!

16. Free Starbucks on my birthday

17. Friends who watched Emerson so Adam and I could go to one of our favorite restaurants, Lucca.

18. New books to read! My mom gave me What Alice Forgot for my birthday and I snagged The Rosie Project: A Novel (it was only $1.99) and The Husband's Secret (currently $5.99) for my Kindle. I have to read as much as I can before baby #2 comes!

19. Maternity jeans. I'm into the 2nd trimester and wearing almost all elastic waste pants and loving it

20. Roasting a whole chicken in the crock pot. Seriously, if you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it. It feeds us for at least 3 days!

21. Ordering tomato plants for the garden

22. The kind person in the Costco parking lot who put my cart back for me

23. Daylight Savings Time bringing lighter evenings and darker mornings

24. We have officially transitioned Emerson to 1 nap a day. I was sad to lose the quiet time during his morning naps, but now we are able to get out and do things like story time at the library and morning play dates.

25. The tap dance of raindrops on windowsills

26. Having more energy in my second trimester

27. Chirping birds even when it's still cold out

28. An unexpected letter in the mail from a friend

29. Lunch dates with friends

30. Having Laura live so close! I don't know what I would do without being able to run over to her house for an impromptu play date and it's so fun to see Lydia and Emerson start to play with each other.

31. Time to blog. After sharing about how I'm finding focus, I feel like I have a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration. Good stuff to come!

What are you thankful for this month?

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IKEA eye candy

ikea findsLaura and I are planning a girls trip to Minneapolis in April and of course IKEA is on the list of must-visit stores (along with Anthropologie and West Elm!) We decided we needed some girl time before our lives turn upside down with sweet little nursing babes in a few short months. And Adam and Cody, being the wonderful, amazing husbands and dads that they are, said they would watch the kids!

Here are some things I've had my eye on:

1. IKEA PS 1995 clock 2.NIDELVA storage tins 3. TRENDIG chair 4. TRENDIG armchair 5. MAFFENS basket 6. BEKVAM stepstool 7. TRENDIG tumblers 8. STOKHOLM rug

We made a quick stop at IKEA last summer, but it's one of those places where I can always find something wonderful! I'm pretty sure Laura and I could spend a whole day wandering the room sets and eating $1 ice cream cones and hot dogs, so we will need a plan of attack. Has anyone been there lately? Anything we should be sure to check out?

IKEA fiddle leaf fig

By now fiddle-leaf fig trees are almost a cliche when it comes to design bloggers, but I've had my heart set on one for a long time and hear good things about the ones from IKEA. And they're only $12.99! I really hope they have some at the Minneapolis store!

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