FosterDanielFoster Daniel Cooley was born August 21 at 9:59 am. He wasn’t quite as prompt as his brother, but I went into labor the night of his due date, so I won’t hold it against him!

We are so blessed and thankful for another healthy baby boy! Emerson is a proud big brother and adjusting pretty well to life as a big brother.

emerson+fosterIt’s hard to believe Foster’s already a week old! Adam is able to be home with us for 4 weeks, which is a huge blessing. Of course I have all kinds of ideas of things we can do during this time (go to the zoo, the science center, little projects–you know me!), but as Adam keeps reminding me, we have to take it one day at a time and I have to lower my expectations. And let me tell you, that’s hard to do!

For now we are still getting into a good nursing/sleeping/eating routine and trying to stay on top of the laundry. Oh the laundry! I forgot how many shirts and onesies and burp clothes you go through every day!

2014-08-21 19.55.27Foster and Eli have already been introduced. They didn’t say a lot, but I’m sure they will be best buds!

I have baby projects to share, thoughts on having a newborn for the second time, and the birth story (it was much shorter this time!), but for now I have a baby to snuggle and need to sleep when I can!

corner wing back chair Is there one piece of furniture or accessory that you obsess about? Maybe you never get tired of curling your toes into a plush rug, dream of curling up on the perfect settee with crushed velvet upholstery and a tufted back, or drool over side tables with curvy legs. If I had to pick one item of furniture to continue buying for the rest of my life, I think it would be chairs.

Big chairs and little chairs. Practical, comfortable chairs and completely impractical, but oh-so-beautiful chairs! Just call my Goldilocks! I’m forever on the hunt for the just-right chair, even though the last thing our house needs another place to sit!

This unassuming wing back chair is probably my favorite chair in the house. I snatched it up at a garage sale for $10 a couple years ago and while Adam has his doubts when I brought it in the house, I think he would now agree that it was a fabulous find!

curvy chair legI love the wood detailing and especially the curvy legs. Aren’t they gorgeous!?

Some people would recover it, but kind of like the worn green upholstery. I haven’t done anything to it and think it’s in pretty good shape.

wing back chairI’ll be honest, I don’t sit in it often. I may even say that it falls into the category of not-so-practical chairs. It sits lower than the other chairs in the living room, and is tucked in the corner, but on a sunny morning doesn’t it just seem to be begging for a little company? (Yes, my furniture talks to me. Doesn’t yours?)

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