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Paint-Free Chalkboard

by Andrea Cooley

poster board chalkboardRemember this framed chalkboard that I tempted you with when Emerson was born and then when I decorated for Christmas? I’m finally going to share the secret to a paint-free chalkboard!

Projects with chalkboard paint are all the rage and I have been itching to try one. Who doesn’t need a place to write a quick note? Or love a spot to make a pretty doodle? Well, we finally have a chalkboard in the Cooley house, and I didn’t even have to paint anything!

I picked up this empty frame at a garage sale and I’ve used in on the mantel, but knew it would be a great frame for a chalkboard.

How, you ask? I used black cardstock. I got the idea from Cyndy and The Creativity Exchange and had to try it.

I got a big piece of black poster board (a little thicker than cardstock, but still a matte finish) at Michaels. I think it was about $3. Then I measured the frame opening, used scissors to score two sides to make it fit, and was done!

This project is so quick and easy that I actually did it while timing contractions!

Cyndy also recommends “sharpening” your chalk with a pencil sharpener. Genius!

I’d love to upgrade the frame with actual chalkboard. I’m thinking I could get a piece of glass to fit the frame and paint it, but for now, the posterboard is working just fine! One note, I used one of those fancy chalk pens on the other side of the board and it DOES NOT wipe off.

Right now the frame is hanging by the front door, but it would be fun to have it in the kitchen. Maybe I’ll have to find another frame!

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