Paring Down- The Kitchen

by laura.johnson

In the rush and excitement of the holidays it came to my attention that we have  a very full life.  Not just in the friendships and blessings sort of way but in the, games under the sofa, books piled beside the desk, and spice rack overflowing sort of very full life.

To remedy this situation we decided to simplify.  Which in theory is great, but in practice is really hard.  After a series of moves most things in our apartment we have for a reason, either they serve a useful purpose or it has some other sentimental attachment.  As silly as it is the very thought of parting with some of my sentimental things makes me clam up in angst.  So we decided we should start in the kitchen, we aren’t people to get sappy over spatulas.

Now our kitchen is a small space, for heavens sake you can’t even open refrigerator door without running into the stove.  Knowing that when we moved it we adjusted to the space.  Keeping only useful items at close hand and trying to minimize duplicate cutting boards, knives, and fend off the endless supply of coffee mugs that find their way in to our home. (what can I say I have a weakness for adorable beverage holders)  Even still we were shocked as we stood together with the cupboard doors wide open at how many items we cleared from the space.

82 to be exact.  Who knew we had that much to purge!

Check out the new clutter free cupboards

A well organized silverware drawer

And the spice drawer oo la la

Now quick to Goodwill before I find a use for some of these things.

Now what room to tackle next? Do any of you have stories of trying to simplify life? Has it been an easy process for your family or one that brings down the house?

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  1. If you guys could part with 82 different kitchen items, then I shudder to think what the number would be in our kitchen….

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