Paring Down: My Closet

by laura.johnson

My mother was a good mother, she taught me to fold my clean clothes nicely, put them back in my dresser, put my dirty clothes in the hamper, and line my shoes up in a little row, but let’s face it I’m the rebellious sort.

Cody has long known I’m not a neat closet sort, and we’ve been lucky that he hasn’t had to deal with my sloppiness too much until this holiday season exploded. Working longer hours with fewer chances to do laundry meant the biweekly exercise of ‘find my closet floor’ just didn’t happen. And the mountain continued to grow, adding sweaters, jeans, and dresses that were waiting for a spare moment to be sorted and put back to where they belong.

On top of the extra busyness in our schedule, I kept dreaming of a way to add more space to this cluttered chaos. I kept thinking ‘there must be a better way’. As it turns out there was.

With enough hammering I Cody was able to knock out the existing adjustable closet rod that ran across the back of my closet and get it to run the length of my closet adding a whopping 12 inches of hanging space. (that will hold a lot of skirts!)

I took my fancy heals that I only wear 2-3 times a year and stored them neatly in boxes on the top self, which gave me enough room to store my everyday fancy shoes within toes reach.

Hung hooks for scarves and belts and to assist in the ‘this shouldn’t go on the floor but I’m too tired to hang it up’ process.

And then I ruthlessly abandoned all of the lovely items I haven’t worn in over a year or should have thrown out long ago. (Sorry no pic the pile has already made its way to be donated)

I even was ambitious enough to tackle my dresser! This delightful piece of furniture is on loan from my parents. (not to worry Ma I’ll bring it back next time I swing through the IA) While it was better than letting my sweaters and jeans sit in boxes when I first moved to Michigan as a single gal, it just doesn’t fit our married life.

I stashed my jeans and sweaters into bright green baskets and trekked to Walmart for yet another plastic storage bin for my socks and skivvies.

I must admit, the day I no longer use plastic drawers for my clothes will feel like that day I’m really a grown up. Of course I’m already dreaming of ways to dress them up with a pretty contact paper. But that is another project, for another day. For now I’ll just sit and be amazed at my oh-so-organized closet.

Do you have an area that is your secret stashing place? An out-of-control junk drawer, the behind the sofa that is not to be mentioned? Come on, let a gal in on your secrets, maybe I’ll even pick up a pointer or two!

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  1. The drawer in my bedside nightstand is pretty awful in my opinion. That’s where I put everything from tissues to my camera charger, to books, to jewelry, to other random things, and sadly there will come a day when my 1 year old will figure out how to open it and pull everything out since it’s just right for his height. And then I’ll have to move everything to a new cluttered location.

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