My Perch

by laura.johnson

Andrea’s sweet little slipper chair she posted about last week reminded me that I’ve yet to share my favorite go-to spot in our little abode. I call it my perch. Most mornings you can find me in my sunny spot clinging to my first cup of coffee quietly waking up.

After dating long distance for 6 months I sold my beloved furniture as well as most of my other belongings and moved half way across the country to try out this relationship. Here is a picture of these young kids in love:

Cody surprised me with this chair shortly after I had moved to Saginaw. He wanted me to have a place here, and while knowing that finding yourself and setting up a true home in a new town takes time, this little chair would at least be the start.

Sure it needs work,  but every time I start to get carried away with ideas of ripping of the tatter white vinyl, Cody reminds me to find contentment with where we are for both the chair & me.

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  1. How cute are you two? I would like to point out that we were destined to meet even back then (see the bus behind you? “Thor.”).

    I so look forward to having a “perch” of my own in my bedroom once we re-cover the pink stuffed chair!

  2. What do you keep in that pocket?

  3. What you can’t see in that picture is how loaded the car was. Check the rear springs…..

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