Perfect Imperfection

by laura.johnson

I often try to have my home, my life, my relationships all in order, but honestly God has made me a different person than that. I leave early only to arrive late, plan lists and list to forget crucial ingredients at the grocery store, and my husband will attest that try as I might my emotions still get the better of me some days.

Over the last year God has slowly changed my focus.  See He has used these opportunities to show me how beautiful and necessary His abiding grace can be. So now instead of fret over the lack of clean laundry I breath deep and thank Him that His grace and love are larger than my short comings. Can I get an Amen?

This has been a journey that is for sure, one that started with a leaky bottle of bleach and my favorite rug. I'll be sharing the full story and linking up over at the Nester's Celebrate the Imperfect link party today, care to join me?

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  1. I took an Asian art history class in college, and was introduced to the “Wabi-Sabi” aesthetic. It’s the idea of beauty in the imperfect. In Japanese art, the “imperfect” or “flawed” pieces are more valuable, because they’re unique, show the “maker’s mark”, and reveal the impermanent nature of all material things. It’s why a ceramic vase who’s glaze has dripped is more valuable than one that is “perfect”. I’ve never thought of it in the context of us as humans and how our “flaws” can be the things that mark us, mold us, and make us more endearing versions of ourselves.

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