by laura.johnson

I over analyze most things in life. (red flats, black boots, or better yet green heals?) So when it comes to important life-changing  decisions, I go nutso! Cody and I spent a week searching through stores, online and in person, reading reviews, and weighing our options for a new coffeemaker. Our conclusion: We are far too opinionated.

Here was our coffeemaker wish list:

  • Somewhat good reviews
  • Removable water reservoir- because of where it goes in our kitchen this was a big one
  • Auto shut off
  • Sneak-a-cup feature
  • Programmable automatic brew
  • Permanent gold tone filter option
  • Clear glass carafe -no thermos for us
  • Black/Stainless- seriously why make a coffeepot white?
  • Brew strength sensor
  • Design savvy
  • Brews at least 10 cups of coffee (we could have worked with an 8 cup’er though )

Can you believe there is not a coffeemaker on the market that does all of this for $29.99?

Ok. I’m kidding a little about the price. We knew we’d have to concede on a few points and we were ready to brazenly cut our list down to the top three points, yet the options were still few and far between. A conventional coffeemaker wouldn’t do the trick. We had to think a little bit outside the box to fit the requirements we needed/wanted. So we thought about French Press, Percolators, Brew Stations, Bodum, even the Keurig.

After days of camping coffee, Cody was ready to buy, while ever fearful of commitment, I was ready to borrow. A good friend lent us her spare percolator, and I tell you, it was love at first sight. Those sleek mod curves and retro type face, sa-woon. Cody was less in love with the ‘vintage’ electric cord, and the possibility of a ‘vintage’ house fire. So we opted for a new percolator. Melitta makes a 12-cup stainless rocket like percolator that even lifts off the electric warming plate for easy pouring. ohhhh ahhhh

Look at him in his new home. It’s like it was meant to be.

And for those who love a good before and after here’s a little Monday morning love.

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  1. You mother will sleep better knowing that you have cleared this hurdle (as long as she only drinks de-caf)

    just tom

  2. PS to my previous posted question: I was searching with the wrong key words. Not chair “cushion” (those are for outside-how was I to know?!) But for a kitchen chair, they are chair “pads”. OVERSTOCK.COM. cha-ching.

  3. I’m glad that you have taken care of this coffee business. I feel coffee is an important part of our fellowship, since being awake tends to be a good thing for relationship building. :)-Teagan

  4. So classy! I appreciate Cody’s concern for fire hazards:)

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